The easiest way to switch to 100% net zero carbon heating.

Heating can be installed as a full heating system that is affordable and easy to install, or as a complementary solution to existing heating systems. Our products are able to provide comfortable heating where other heat sources simply can not.

Intelligent heating

Infrared is completely safe and is, in fact, the same wavelength that our bodies absorb and emit. Humans are radiant objects. 
More than 60% of our sense of comfort or discomfort is governed by our radiant heat gain or loss. For most people, if the environment around us is more than 26°C or less than 16°C, we feel discomfort.

So, if we warm objects within a room to at least 17°C and ideally 22°C it will ensure warmth and comfort as we will no longer perceive we’re loosing heat.

This is the objective infrared heating is built upon, to gather “thermal mass” in an environment and let that keep you warm instead of relying on the heat source for a prolonged amount of time resulting in increased energy bills.

Why use infrared heating?

Infrared panels are the easiest way to switch to 100% net zero carbon heating. They can be installed as a full heating system that is significantly more affordable and far easier to install, or as a complementary solution to existing heating systems. At work our products are able to provide comfort heating where other heat sources simply can not.
  • New technology makes infrared one of the most innovative and cost effective heating solutions.
  • Our customers save an estimated 50% on traditional mains gas powered homes.
  • Energy efficient use made possible from the temperature controlled thermostat system.
  • Infrared panels provide a quick, straight forward solution to enable the removal of gas heating from site without hindering performance
Why choose us?

Our range of infrared heaters are UK manufactured, designed and manufactured to last a lifetime and come complete with a 10 year warranty.

Fast delivery straight from our warehouse with quality and reassurance on each product as they are carefully made by our team.

The Benefits

  • Reduced energy use

  • Natural, comfortable heat

  • 100% Net zero carbon heating

  • Helps prevent mould and condensation

  • Maintenance free and over 95% recyclable

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Full range of styles to blend seamlessly into your space

All of our products are proudly made in Britain.

As the leading UK manufacturer of infrared heating. We are proud to make our InfraReady panels in the heart of Britain. Not only does this ensure quality, reliability, and reassurance on every product, but it also cuts our carbon footprint compared to purchasing panels mass-produced in countries abroad. Choosing a British manufacturer is greener, eco-friendlier, and more beneficial for our economy.

Based out of our warehouse in the West Midlands we only pick the best materials for our products. Allowing our manufacturers to have full control on not just how they look but it enables us to ensure that we generate the full efficiency of each panel. The best value infrared heating for your property.

With great quality control on each individual panel consistently since 2017, each panel has been carefully handmade to ensure optimal performance which is why we are confident in our 10-year warranty.

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