About our heaters

At Infready we have a full range of products to enable us to meet any requirements for you home.

Our InfraReady Aluminum Panel Series Infrared Heaters are a stylish white slim Aluminium design. They are completely frameless and have a clean edge to blend into any environment. These Infrared Panel Heaters are easy to install on the wall or ceiling with our sliding mounting points. Available in all colours the aluminium heater can be seamlessly integrated into any space. All designed with sustainability in mind. Well insulated each heater converts 100% of its energy into heat.

The range of glass Infrared Heaters are the perfect solution for energy-efficient heating for you and your home. Every design is a stunning addition to any property and could help you make great savings on your heating bills.
You could be looking for an elegant way to warm your living room or bathroom as a work of art with any solid colour or even print any image to make it more personalised.

The Power Heater is available in multiple outputs suitable for any outdoor or indoor living and a set of accessories for any type of installation. Available in either Ebony or Silver, the anodised aluminium body guarantees efficient infrared heating whilst the external finish provides a unique identity and elegance whilst being IP55 rated.

Benefits of Infrared Heaters

  • Quick easy installation
  • Saves Energy, Saves Money
  • Up to 70% more energy efficient
  • Low installation & operating cost
  • No maintenance required
  • Up to 10 year warranties
  • Reduces black mould
  • Silent in operation with slim design
  • Multiple options to suit all house types

Aluminium infrared heaters

Our range of Aluminium Infrared Heaters is our most versatile range allowing them to be either ceiling, wall mounted or installed in a suspended ceiling. We use robust aluminium to create a clean slimline infrared heater which makes them lightweight, durable and long-lasting with no risk of buckling. This is then powder coated to ensure you keep that nice clean white look without yellowing.

They are designed, built and certified in the UK to the highest standard with premium materials. Available in three sizes/wattages to compliment any room. Some rooms might only have one heater, larger areas could require more for even heating spread.

Quality starts on the inside. So we deliver the best in class heating with our heat pad controlled by bi-metallic sensors certified to over 100,000 switch cycles. Compared to other infrared panels with only 10,000 switch cycles.

Our products

Glass and Mirror Infrared Heaters

Our premium range of Glass and mirror heaters come in five shapes, a range of wattages and colours. High-quality materials have been used to design and make our top-of-the-range Infrared Heaters. Extremely well crafted, these panels are beautiful and will add an elegant focal piece to any environment. Our infrared heaters can be tailored to suit your style and decoration. Whether you would prefer something subtle or if you would like something bespoke that stands out.

Our products

Power heater

Ideal for indoor and outdoor living, our IP55 rated Power heaters give you the performance along with stylish finish that you’d expect, to heat your space efficiently using infrared heating technology. These wall/ceiling mounted heaters are designed so that no visible light is produced along with the slimline finish our power heaters are a great addition to any space, available in 4 different outputs from 1500w to 3200w our heaters are capable of efficiently heating a variety of areas wether it be vaulted ceiling areas, conservatories or patio areas

All of our products are proudly made in Britain.

As the leading UK manufacturer of infrared heating. We are proud to make our InfraReady panels in the heart of Britain. Not only does this ensure quality, reliability, and reassurance on every product, but it also cuts our carbon footprint compared to purchasing panels mass-produced in countries abroad. Choosing a British manufacturer is greener, eco-friendlier, and more beneficial for our economy.

Based out of our warehouse in the West Midlands we only pick the best materials for our products. Allowing our manufacturers to have full control on not just how they look but it enables us to ensure that we generate the full efficiency of each panel. The best value infrared heating for your property.

With great quality control on each individual panel consistently since 2017, each panel has been carefully handmade to ensure optimal performance which is why we are confident in our 10-year warranty.

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