The easiest way to switch to 100% net zero carbon heating.

Following on from the frustration of the lack of drivers and innovative products aiming towards improving the United Kingdom’s energy efficiency in buildings our window insulation coating is leading the way to a brighter future. With the Government beginning to place priority on the improvement and retrofit of existing buildings, and the focussed important in NetZero CO2 emissions, today is the ideal time to improve the efficiency of your home and business with us.

What is Window Insulation?

Window insulation is a LOW – E (low emissivity) coating that can be retrofit to any type of existing glass. The coating blocks infrared energy (Heat). As heat attempts to escape it is reflected into the building reducing the radiant heat loss.

During the summer months the coating reduces the transmission of heat into your building via the same method preventing rooms becoming uncomfortably warm.

Low emissivity coatings are generally highly reflective, as a result also acting as a block against Ultraviolet light whilst having no impact on the passing of visible light.

Benefits of Window Insulation

  • Blocks 99% of damaging Ultraviolet & 83% Infrared light

  • 50% reduction in condensation, reducing mould growth
  • Blocks 85% of Infrared light which can be damaging to interior furnishings
  • Low Installation costs
  • Cost effective minimal disruption alternative
  • Our window insulation comes with a 10 year guarantee!
Why choose us?

Our window insulation comes with a 10 year guarantee!

Cost effective:

  • Cost of replacement windows > £500 m/2 Installed
  • Our Window insulation £120-£150 m/2 Installed
  • 20 – 40% thermal resistance improvement, reducing energy bills significantly
  • Low labour costs, one day installation

Our Trusted Process

  • One of our GQA accredited installers will inspect the site prior to install
  • All surrounding areas will be taped/covered.
  • The windows are cleaned in two stages and examined before commencing stage 4.
  • A priming solution is applied across the window ready for installation of the Low – E coating.
  • Low – E hardener and Low – E coating will then be weighed out to the last gram before mixing. The weights used are relative to the size of the window to ensure an even application for optimum efficiency.
  • The coating will be carefully applied and left to dry for a minimum of two hours it is recommended to have air flowing to enhance drying time.
  • The coating will be dry within the same day of application.
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