If you’re installing infrared heaters, the required wattage is unlikely to be as high as that of whatever heating system you have at the moment. The exact number, configuration and wattage of panels that your particular property would need is dependent on a host of factors including the current insulation on the building, the number and size of windows, the height of the ceilings, and several other factors. We generally suggest slightly oversizing, to ensure comfort. All that will happen is that the panels will switch themselves off once they reach the temperature you have pre-programmed.

You can install infrared panels on either the walls or ceiling. In some room shapes/sizes, it might be better to install a couple of smaller panels that add up to the total required wattage, rather than one large one – to ensure full coverage of the whole room. This is why it’s always worth checking with an expert before buying what you think you’ll need!

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